Avira to offer their future products without toolbars. Avira has announced new Browser Safety feature, which to replace SearchFree Toolbar, offered by them in their products and at the same time it will offer the same features existed in traditional toolbar. New feature, Avira Browser Safety which currently is available through beta testing will be initially available for  Google Chrome browser only and later for other browsers.

“ABS (Avira Browser Safety) will eliminate the traditional toolbar, while providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing user experience”.  New security feature has been built by Avira Browser Safety development team from the scratch.

Avira kills SearchFree Toolbar and offers Browser Security in its Place

FYI, till now Avira has bundled their Free Antivirus with Avira SearchFree Toolbar built by Ask. Now Avira decided its enough and puts stop to toolbar bundling. We can expect Avira 2014  products to deliver with Avira Browser Safety, that is Avira is preparing to release its future products without toolbars and beta testing for Avira 2014 has already began.

Avira Browser Safety

Avira Browser Safety features

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You can apply for Avira Browser Safety Beta testing if interested here.