How to Remove AVG 2014’s File Shredder options from the Windows Context menu. With AVG 2014, AVG Technologies has introduced File Shredder feature, you can see its option on File and folder context menus in Windows. Selecting this option permanently and securely deletes the file from hard drive, and it can not be recovered by advanced recovery tools.

Warning: This removes ‘Scan with AVG’ entry from the Context menu too, if you don’t want that to happen, then don’t follow the below method.

You can notice Permanently shred with AVG option on the file context menu and “Shred content with AVG”on Recycle Bin’s right-click Menu. If you neither want to use AVG Shredder, nor want these options to appear in context menu, you can easily remove them.

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Permanently shred with AVG context menu  Shred Content with AVG Recycle Bin Context menu

How to Use AVG’s File Shredder?

To Shred a file with AVG, right click on a file and selectPermanently shred with AVG, warning dialog appears on the screen with message” Shredding will  securely delete the file to make recovery impossible”, click on ‘Shred it ‘ button to delete it.

Similarly, you can also Shred Recycle Bin contents by selecting “Shred content with AVG” option.

confirm warning

Removing “Permanently Shred with AVG” and “Shred content with AVG” options from Context Menu

1. Open Command prompt as administrator, you can simply use cmd in Run dialog for this. Read: command prompt tips and tricks.

2. Type cd/ and press enter, now the command prompt should be showing C:>only

Now use the following command

For 32-bit :

 regsvr32 /u  "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2014\avgse.dll"

For 64-bit:

 regsvr32 /u  "C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2014\avgse.dll"

unregistering avgse.dll

3. Dialog appears on the screen confirms avgse.dll file, AVG Shell Extension which is responsible for these on context menu has been successfully unregistered.

4. That’s it! AVG’s Shred options have been removed from the Context menu, which you can check, and confirm.

Do let us know, if you’ve any questions in comments.

Update: Replaced smart quotes with straight quotes in commands and I am suggesting you to backup avgse.dll to another folder on your computer before running those commands. So that you can always get back those context menu entries by pasting that file in path mentioned above.

UPDATE September 26, 2015: Finally, AVG Free antivirus 2016 offers an option to hide or remove the ‘Permanently shred with AVG’ option in the Windows Context menu.

Open AVG interface, click on Options > Advanced Settings > Appearance

On the right pane, under Context Menu, uncheck ‘Show AVG Shredder in the Windows Context Menu

AVG Shredder context menu option in advanced Settings