Manage your Browsers easily with this excellent tool from Auslogics. Auslogics Browser Care which till now (& still is) part of Auslogics BoostSpeed is available as standalone freeware program. You can compare this tool similar to Avast Browser Cleanup. Browser Care allows you to manage all installed browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer from one place. This tool lets you remove toolbars and unneeded add-ons from browsers and lets you restore  default settings for browser.

Keep your browsers fast and Clean with Auslogics Browser Care

For  a specific browser you selected on program interface the following information is displayed

  • Homepage and search engine set for homepage.
  • Installed add-ons, plugins and toolbars

For a selected browser, Browser Care lets you set homepage to desired one, useful in cases when  it has been hijacked by programs on your computer. Same with Search  Engine, you can set your preferred search engine for browser.

You can disable or remove add-ons and toolbars.

Shows how much of temporary files can be deleted from browser and gives the option to clear browsing data on right side of program interface.

Auslogics Browser Care

Restore Browser Default Settings

Lets you restore browser default settings. With this all add-ons, toolbars will be removed, plugins will be kept but disabled and homepage and search engine will be restored to their defaults.


User interface is excellent and intuitive with every detail user wants from browser is displayed.

Works as advertised.

It shows all add-ons and toolbars installed for browser and allows you to remove them.

Restoring browser defaults for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer is a click away.

It doesn’t installs any toolbars or promotional programs on your computer.


Found none.

IMO, Auslogics Browser Care is is good tool, you can add this to your troubleshooting and utilities toolkit.  The main use of this tool is restoring default Browser settings, if they’ve modified by malicious programs. Be aware all installed extensions will be removed (you need to install them from the beginning) and plugins will be disabled.

Note: You need to close browsers you’re running, before using this program.

Auslogics Browser Care works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and supports Firefox, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and other browsers support will be added with future program updates.

You can download this program from here.