PDF Mergy Chrome app easily combines multiple PDFs into a Single PDF. Sometimes need arises for us to combine PDFs, there are many services and desktop apps available online to do the same. Meet PDF Mergy, web app for Chrome that makes it PDF merging process dead simple, all you need to do is drag and drop them onto its interface.

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PDF Mergy Chrome App lets you merge PDF files  by dragging and dropping

Visit app page in Chrome web store and install it, it adds shortcut for its website to New Tab Page from where you can launch it.

Using PDF Mergy

Drag and drop/select PDF files from your computer, arrange them in order you like. Once you’re done, click on Merge button. Remember, files merging happens on Remote Server, currently this service in beta doesn’t supports encryption, so don’t upload confidential files.

PDF Mergy Chrome app interface

Once the files are merged, you can save that PDF to your computer, or to your Google Drive also. PDF Mergy app works with Google Drive also. So you can merge PDFs in your Google Drive.

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Service claims to permanently delete both merged and uploaded PDF files from remote system once the processing is over.

Link:PDF Mergy