If you’re using Chrome Canary latest version on Windows, you’ll likely to see “a” in Chrome menu, what is that means and why it is there?. It means Chrome Windows Canary build is an Aura build. Soon Linux platform will get Aura UI too.

Soon Chrome build will be Aura

Google to use Aura UI Chrome on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS platforms and confirms that there are many chances for upcoming Chrome 31 build on Windows to ship with Aura by default.

“Aura on Windows has been shipping for the last 11 (or so) canaries and tonight (if the waterfall allows) will be shipping to Dev. channel. The ride has not been as smooth as we wanted to but things don’t look too bad. What that means is that there is an increased chance that we’ll be shipping Aura by default on Windows in m31. “

“Aura is the (not so) new UI stack that we use in Chrome OS. It does not use native widgets for controls and it fully uses the GPU when available. Compared with the traditional UI stack as seen in Chrome 28 or 29, the only native element is the top level window. Everything else is drawn by Chrome, composited by the the Chrome Compositor and uses Angle/GPU to present to the screen. Focus/Activation and in general input ins managed differently as well.”

How can I know Chrome Build I am using is of Aura? 

“The last part of the version is .1, also the page at chrome://version tells you if it is Aura”, for example canary is "31.0.1618.1 (Official Build 220732) canary Aura.

a in Chrome menu and canary aura

You should know that Aura is not something you can enable, it has to be compiled and needs to come with by default.

Found via Francois Beaufort.