Yahoo Toolbar Update not only brought design change and new features, but also Chrome browser support as well . New Yahoo Toolbar now coming to trouble Chrome users, though Google Chrome doesn’t support installation of toolbars Yahoo said they’ve added support for Chrome browser .“We’re proud to announce a brand new Toolbar update in the U.S. for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and that we’re bringing it to Chrome for the first time.”

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Watch out! Yahoo Toolbar now targets Google Chrome Browser

At present, only U.S users able to install it in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. What’s new in Yahoo Toolbar 2.5?: Yahoo says in their search blog “ Whether you want quick access to search, email, local weather, or world and financial news, the Toolbar gets you there, no matter where you are on the web. You can even check in on what your friends on social networks are doing with one simple click. We’ve given the Toolbar a brand new look, it’s way faster and can now do more than ever:”

Yahoo Toolbar can now be installed in Google Chrome

Browser Toolbars, we always don’t like toolbars who wants them?, some how these potentially unwanted programs (PUP) often considered as adware (sometimes as malware) occupies browser real estate, changes search and browser settings without user consent.

If you’ve any trouble in removing toolbars from browsers, I recommend you trying any one of or all below mentioned tools