Symantec has released Beta for version 4.0 of  Norton Power Eraser and is available for download for testing and feedback purposes. Norton Power Eraser 4 Beta has added scanning of user Profiles feature, Java Vulnerability detection, UI has got some facelift and this tool now detects if PC is running in safe mode and restarts machine (if in normal mode) in safe mode before scanning.

Brief about NPE: If you don’t know about this free portable security tool by Symantec, Norton Power Eraser has been specially designed to detect and remove rootkits, scamware, rougueware and fake antiviruses that show false warnings about your system security status and tries to download security software without your consent.

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What’s new in Norton Power Eraser 4.0 Beta

  • UI has been updated 
  • History on NPE 3.2 UI, that shows previous repair sessions has been renamed to Undo Fix in NPE 4, we’ve attached the screenshots below for comparison.

    Norton Power Eraser 4Norton Power Eraser 3 UI

  • Scanning across user profiles

NPE can now scan across user profiles: If an user account is infected you can not log into it to use NPE, instead you can scan from another account such as Administrator.

  • Java vulnerability scan

NPE detects when the Java is out of date and provides a link to a KB to correct this.

  • Safe mode persistence

NPE is able to determine when the machine is in safe mode and will restart the machine in safe mode prior to scanning, NPE will return the machine to normal mode prior to threat removal.

Caution: NPE is very aggressive tool and may detect and show some false positives, so pay attention and read details carefully before applying the fix.

NPE 4 Beta is a pre-release software, not recommended for use on working systems, you can download this from here. [Via Norton Community]