IObit Uninstaller 3 first beta has improved the uninstall process and added support for browser plugins removal. IObit Uninstaller, the portable program which lets you batch uninstall programs at once and also removes left overs in registry and folders after regular uninstall similar to Revo Uninstaller has first beta of version 3 under testing. We’ve got hands on first beta of IObit Uninstaller 3, this lets you remove browser plugins and also allows you to restore default settings for browsers.

IObit Uninstaller 3 Review

User Interface has been changed slightly from version 2.4, when you launch the program it shows two tabs: Programs and Browser Plug-ins. When compared with IObit Uninstaller 2.4, toolbar function has been removed, now Browser Plug-ins has been added which lists all plugins installed for browsers and allows you to remove them from right click menu after selection.

IObit Uninstaller 2.4IObit Uninstaller 3

IOBit Uninstaller 2 and 3 UI comparison screenshots

Program lists all browsers plugins and separately for each browser installed on your computer under Browser Plug-ins tab. You can switch between Programs and Browser Plug-ins tabs from the program window.

Removing browser Plugins using IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is one program that displays all browsers plugins in one place, you can easily remove unwanted plugins like Java, Flash and Silverlight.

All Browser Plug-ins tab groups plugins and displays them as two types: plug-ins recommended to remove and Trusted Plug-ins. How IObit Uninstaller recommends some plugins to remove and some to keep?. Program recommends some to remove is based on low user ratings may contain undesirable functions. It is surprise that Chrome PDF Viewer and Native Client are recommended on my machine, which we don’t advice you to do so.

You can select either specific browser tab or All Browser Plug-ins tab and select any plug-in that you found unnecessary and remove it by selecting Remove from right click menu (check the screenshot below).

Remove Browser Plugins IObit Uninstaller 3

Restore Browser Default Settings

For a specific browser, you can restore their default settings. For instance to restore Chrome default settings you need to click on Browser Plug-ins, select Chrome and click on Restore Chrome default settings. This will restore Chrome homepage and search engine defaults. Similarly you can do it for other browsers also.

Advanced Features

It adds the program shortcut to Control Panel>Programs and also adds shortcut to Uninstall or Change program in Control Panel.

Right click Uninstall: You can uninstall a program with a right click. All you need to do is right click on a program shortcut you want to uninstall and select IObit Uninstaller.

You can also drag and drop program shortcut to IO bit Uninstaller’s to shortcut to open it.

Currently this program is not available for download, but you can test it by installing Advanced SystemCare 7 beta 2 of which you can access the program from IObit toolbox.