First thing to do after installing any browser that too before installing your favorite extensions is make sure it is not saving passwords you type on websites. Process varies for browsers but you’ve to remember this and apply to all browsers you use on your computer.

Now there is a buzz going about Chrome automatically stores websites passwords which can give unauthorized access to people you don’t want, something Google is aware of. If you’re on a public/shared computer or personal computer its better to disable Passwords saving functionality in browser, Google suggests to lock your computer when you’re away from it from falling in wrong hands.

”the best method for protecting your saved passwords is to lock your computer whenever you step away from it, even for a short period of time.  We encrypt your saved passwords on your hard disk. To access these passwords, someone would either need to log in as you or circumvent the encryption.” Google employee said in a thread regarding discussion of master password for Saved Passwords in Chrome browser.

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Prevent Chrome from Storing Passwords

1.  From Chrome menu, select Settings

2. Scroll down to bottom under Passwords and forms section clear “offer to save passwords I enter on web”.

Chrome saved passwords

You can see all passwords saved in Chrome and remove them by visiting chrome://settings/passwords in browser.

Removing Saved Password from Firefox

1. Open Firefox Options, click on Security tab

2. Clear “Remember passwords for sites”, you can remove all saved passwords till then by clicking Saved Passwords and further on Remove all button in opened dialog window.