Recently, Google Chrome has started flagging IDM Integration module as malicious and users were felt sad about this, as they cannot able to download files using IDM in Google Chrome. What happened? According to Google, they’ve found a serious vulnerability in the IDM Chrome extension “that allows any website to remotely execute native code on user’s machine”. Google says they’ve reported this to IDM corp. many times in June, but they’ve not fixed the vulnerability, that’s why now they’ve permanently blocked installation of this extension as even drag and drop of extension from IDM installed directory is not helping either.

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IDM integration malicious warning Google Chrome

Latest Version of Internet Download Manager, 6.17 Build 6 works in Chrome without any issues

But this applies to IDM versions before 6.17 build 6 only, IDM seems have fixed the flaw as change log suggest “Changed Google Chrome extension because of false identification from Google”.

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Fixing “Google Has Flagged “IDM Integration” as malicious and installation has been Prevented”

Now all you need to do is install IDM latest version 6.17 build 6 onto your computer. If you’ve enough reasons to stick to the older version, which is not recommended, then, I suggest you to drag and drop this extension (which I fetched from installed IDM 6.17 build 6 directory) onto Chrome extensions page.

Note: Make sure Windows Explorer to show files extensions type by unchecking “Hide Extensions for Known file types” in the Folder Options dialog before dragging extension on to the Chrome extensions page.

Hope this helps, if you’ve any problems, ask me in the comments.