Mozilla has released Firefox 23, and one change you might’ve not noticed or don’t know and why it matters for some users?.  The change is:  keyword.URL preference has been removed and now when you select search provider from Search bar it applies to entire browser including for location bar, start page and context menu.

Mozilla done this to avoid search hijacking and to offer more intuitive experience for users. But this change may annoy some power users. And things were a bit different for earlier versions, where Google is the default search engine of address bar.

Search in Firefox 23 Address bar without changing the Search engine in Search bar

For instance in Firefox 23, if when you set Bing as default search engine, then searches from address bar results in from Bing, instead of Google, don’t want that to happen? if you want to use your desired search engine like Google for URL bar searches from Firefox 23+ by keeping selected other one from search bar as default, there is an extension for that,  Keyword Search.

Firefox keyword search extesnion for address bar

After installing the extension keyword search page opens, select a search engine for searches in URL bar. By default this extension’s developer recommends DuckDuckGo which is upto you to ignore or consider.