As Promised by Opera Software to their users Bookmarks are back, not in Opera 16 though, but in developer version for now, you still need to enable a flag to see it in action. Latest Opera 17 developer has got bookmarks functionality, but is disabled by default, you need to enable Quick Access Bar flag and relaunch browser for the changes to take effect and let me tell you its working.

In latest Opera 17.1232.0 tab handling has been improved as well, after enabling “Allow moving tabs between windows” flag, you can able to drag and drop a tab onto another Opera browser window.

Enabling Bookmarks Bar or Quick Access Bar in Opera 17 developer

1. Visit Opera: flags in browser.

2. Find Quick Access Bar and select it as Enabled, restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

3. When Browser opens, from Opera menu select Show quick Access bar to view Bar below address bar with “+” icon, you need to click on plus button to bookmark any page.

Opera Quick Access bar

Opera is still working on Search Engines Manager and themes installations. You can download latest Opera dev build for Windows and Mac with bookmarks functionality turned off by default from below links.

Opera 17 developer for Windows

Opera 17 developer for Mac

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