Opera Software has made available first developer version, Opera 17 for Windows and Mac based on Chromium 30, with cutting edge features. Opera 17 developer has some new features – Themes, bookmarks bar (Quick access bar), Camera/Mic and HiDPi support  -available behind flags, to see them in action you need to enable them and relaunch browser.

Back in May, Opera has talked about its release cycle containing three channels: Developer, Next and stable. Then developer version was not available, now it is in the form of Opera 17.

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Opera 17 Developer build New Features

Opera team trying to add all requested features that existed in Opera 12 one by one and some made their way to Opera 17.  They’re

Startup mode option: This lets you select “continue where I left off”, “open the start page”, and “Open a specific set of Pages “(similar to Chrome), you can find this option in Settings.  

Pinned tabs are back, they can occupy less space on tab bar and are useful to view notification counts for websites like  Gmail, Twitter and Facebook.

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Opera 17 develeoper

Rocker gestures – (left->right click, right->left click)
Extension APIs – more API stuff to play with: bookmarks, commands, omnibox, webNavigation

In Opera 17,  you can customize searches in address bar by assigning characters to open search engines. For instance, you can add ‘d’ for duckduckgo, try and let us know.

Features almost ready, but turned off and available in Opera:flags page for testing: As we said above some features are available behind flags. Visit Opera:flags page and try enabling one or more, if you’re interested.

Opera 17 supports themes, and themes you’ve installed in Opera 12 will work in Opera 17 developer also.

Similarly, you can also try out Camera/mic and HIDPI support features.

Download Opera 17 Developer for Windows

Download Opera 17 Developer for Mac.