Google is planning to make their experimental New Tab Page available for a small set of users, on Chrome stable channel. Even though Google Chrome’s New Tab Page with Search Box is not available to users on all channels by default Google to enable it for some users on stable channel for Windows,Mac and Chrome OS platforms. Some Chrome users feeling the new New Tab Page as awful and redundant.

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While you can search from Omnibox, do we really need Search box on New Tab Page?

Answer is pretty clear from Google, Search engine giant wants to save more time for you by letting you search for information more faster from Search Box added by default Search engine on New Tab Page without needing to go the Search engine home page. 

“we’ve found that many people still navigate to their search engine’s home page to initiate a search instead. The goal is to save people time by helping them search and navigate the web faster”. 

Testing Chrome’s New Tab Page Right now on Stable channel

If you want to test Chrome’s New Tab Page right now that has Search box included, you need to visit Chrome://flags URL in browser, find and Enable “enable Instant Extended API“ flag and relaunch the browser.

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Google Chrome New Tab Page with Search box at the center

Where are Recent Closed Tabs and apps?

After enabling this New Tab Page, you can see thumbnails for most visited sites on NTP, but Recent Tabs and apps are ones that gone missing.  Don’t worry! Google has added Recently Closed Tabs to Recent Tabs Sub Menu on Chrome Menu and you can find Apps icon on bookmarks bar or access them by visiting Chrome://apps page.

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What’s your take on Chrome’s new New Tab Page that is under testing? good or bad? share with us in comments.