If you’ve installed and using Google Search By Image extension in Chrome, you no longer need that extension in future because Chrome to natively get ‘Google Search by Image’ feature. Google is integrating useful features that are made available by them in form of extensions, for instance to the latest they’ve integrated their Search by Image functionality which is available in form of extensions for browsers into Google Chrome and is available on right-click menu for testing in latest Chromium and Canary builds.

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Search by Image Chrome context menu

So to perform Google Search by Image from context menu in Chrome you need to be using latest Canary build. Right click on any image on webpage and select “Search Google for this image” on context menu and new tab will open in browser and search results generated by Google Image Search will be shown.

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Interesting thing according Chrome Evangelist Francois is Google Chrome with Google Search by Image to support any Search Engine other than Google like Bing, Yahoo that supports image search.

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