‘Google Search by Image’ Feature now available in Chrome by default if you’re using Google as default Search Engine in the browser. Google Chrome 30 has entered beta channel and this release has made their own extension, Google Search by Image extension in web store redundant as Google has added Search by Image feature to Chrome beta.

From now onwards, you can right click on any Image and select “Google for this Image” where Google Images shows the search results. And Search by Image feature will work with any Search Engine in Chrome that supports Image Search.

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Chrome’s Software Engineer, Jianning Ding said in a  blog post “Have you ever seen an image on the web and wanted to know more about it?  Well, with today’s Beta release of Chrome you can quickly discover all sorts of content related to an image by right-clicking on it, or by long pressing it on mobile devices, and selecting the option to search for it within your default search provider. “

Google Search for this image Chrome

According to Chrome Releases blog this Chrome beta offers a number of new apps/extension APIs  and lots of under hood changes for stability and performance. You can download Google Chrome beta for Windows, Mac and Linux from here.