Final version of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer is available. Finally it happened, Adblock Plus version 1.0 stable build has been released for Internet Explorer. This version works from IE6 on Windows XP t0 IE10 on Windows 8 and has came with fixes to most issues in Development build that was released in June, this year with below mentioned limitations.

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Adblock Plus currently doesn’t’ supports the following IE versions

  • Internet Explorer 10’s Enhanced Protected Mode is not yet Supported, developer hopes to resolves this with next version.
  • Modern Mode in Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer in Windows RT are  not supported.

Adblock Plus 1.0 for Internet Explorer

Installing and Enabling Adblock Plus in Internet Explorer

Download ABP for IE from here, run it after saving to your computer.

Adblock Plus for IE setup

Install it and restart the browser, you can see ABP’s icon in IE status bar (restart browser if already open during the install) and you can also find Adblock Plus for IE Browser Help Object being installed and enabled under Toolbars and Extensions on Manage add-ons dialog.

You can  notice AdblockPlusEngine.exe  process running Under Processes tab on Task Manager even though Internet Explorer is closed, that process is related to this. Developer is working on fix for that.

You can right click on ABP icon in status bar and can disable ads on current page, Disable ads every where, access its Settings and check updates for it.

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Adblock Plus Options

From Options page, you can able to select and apply filter to block ads in websites. By clicking Manage button on options page you can manually add sites manually to disable ad blocking.

Adblock Plus for IE Options

Developer feels since its first release will not bring same experience in Firefox and Chrome as he agrees there are some inconsistences that needs to be eliminated in the way blocking and element hiding rules work in Internet Explorer.

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Happy ad blocking in IE.