Firefox 23  has been released officially with social sharing functionality and available for download for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, this release brings Share button to browser. Three months back, Mozilla has added Facebook as social service provider in Firefox and after that they’ve integrated other social providers such as Cliqz, Mixi and msnNOW and efforts to make Firefox as social browser continues with Firefox 23’s release.

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Share content easily from Firefox

Social sharing functionality introduced with Share button in this version (not enabled by default) version allows users to share content directly from Firefox without leaving page. “The share button on the Firefox toolbar lets you share your favorite content in a few clicks with friends or followers directly from Firefox, wherever you go on the Web. You can post an interesting article to your profile, share a recipe with your friends or send an idea for a gift in a private message or email, all without leaving the Web page you are visiting. “ Mozilla said in their blog.

Firefox 23 share button

Enabling Share button in Firefox 23+

Sharing content to Facebook from Firefox

1. All you need to do is install any social service for Firefox such as Facebook or Cliqz

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2. For e.g visit Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click “Turn on” button.

3. Facebook Messenger buttons will appear on right side of Firefox toolbar as well as Share button.

4. To share content, click on Share button and sign into Facebook with your username and password.

Here Facebook offers 5 places to share content: on your timeline, On your friends timeline, In a group, on a page you manage and In a private message (check the screenshot above). Select where to share the page and click on Share Link button and content will be shared immediately.

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Disabling Share button:

Don’t want share button?, visit Add-ons manger and disable or remove all Social providers you’ve added to Firefox. Mozilla has added Services Tab in Add-ons Manager which lists all social services or apps you’ve added to browser and lets you disable or remove them from Firefox.

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