Till now on Windows Google Cloud Print has supported only few Google apps like Google Chrome for printing, now with release of Google Cloud Printer driver for Windows it is possible to print from any Windows App. Google Cloud Print which lets you print from anywhere using device like Chromebook, PC, tablet, Smartphone or any other web-connected device has got some improvements. Google has released Google Cloud Printer driver and service tools for Windows and “Cloud Print App” for Android (available on Google Play).

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The former one, makes it possible to print to any other Cloud Printer from Windows Applications. Google suggests Adobe Reader as an e.g. Latter one, Google Cloud Print Service which runs as Windows service (requires Chrome and Windows 7, Vista or XP with XPS Essentials Framework) allows admins to connect their printers to Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Printer driver

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Installing and Uninstalling Google Cloud Printer (Driver) in Windows: You can install Google Cloud Printer like any other app. You can uninstall it easily from Control Panel also.