Now in addition to Yahoo Android app, you can now able to view and access all Yahoo Mail accounts from Yahoo Mail for iOS and Yahoo Mail for Windows 8 apps. Have you created multiple Yahoo Mail accounts for different reasons like to keep your maiden name or for branding purposes or to read news letters or for other reasons, signing into these accounts separately and checking emails is real pain.

No more! Yahoo now allows to access all your multiple Yahoo Mail accounts through their mail mobile apps, Yahoo Mail for IOS and Yahoo Mail for Windows 8.

Manage Yahoo accounts from YMail mobile app

It takes just a few easy steps to add another Yahoo! Mail account to your iOS or Windows 8 device. To get started, log into the Yahoo! Mail app with one of your Yahoo! IDs.

Once you’re logged in, tap on the sidebar button (icon with three purple bars) to pull up your existing Yahoo! ID, then tap the plus sign to add another account.

The sign-in screen will pop up, where you can enter your Yahoo! ID and password. Once you’re done, tap “Sign In”.

Your additional account has now been added! Simply tap on the sidebar button to switch between your Inboxes.