If you’re using Avira Internet Security on your computer and recently upgraded to Chrome 28 stable -which released with Rich notifications and came with Blink engine-when you try to visit any website in browser, no website will be loaded or displayed, culprit here is Avira Web Protection module.

Avira is aware of the issue and suggested workaround “to disable IPv6 support inside Avira Browser security in order to display websites with Google Chrome version 28”.

Fix for websites not displayed in Chrome 28 stable with Avira Internet Security Installed

How to Disable IPV6 Support in Avira Internet Security

1. Open Avira Control Center>Extras>Configuration

2. Click on Internet Protection>Web Protection uncheck or deselect Enable IPv6 support under Scan on right side.

3. Click “OK” to apply the changes and restart your computer.

4. Now try to open websites in Chrome 28, they load and display just fine.