If you don’t need Safepay feature in Bitdefender Internet Security 2013/2014, you can easily disable it. By default, setting for Bitdefender Safepay browser- security feature which lets you browse banking websites in virtual environment thus protects your sensitive information you enter such as username, password, account number, credit card number, etc. – set to “ask me every time”.

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So every time you visit any banking site in any browser on your computer with Bitdefender Internet Security installed, Bitdefender prompts you (check the screenshot below) to use its Safepay to open them.

Bitdefender Safepay pop up

This can be annoying, where you want it to have either automatically open bank websites in SafePay browser or you just don’t want to use it. You can set either of these in Bitdefender Safepay settings.

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You also don’t need to worry, if you’ve missed to check “Remember choice for this website” or “Remember choice for all banking websites” last time after clicking “Yes” or “No” to Safepay popup. You can always open Safepay and access it settings whenever you want by clicking on its desktop icon.

Turning off Bitdefender Safepay

1. Click on Bitdefender Safepay desktop icon

2. Once Bitdefender Safepay browser opens, click on Gear (settings) icon and select “don’t use Safepay”

3. Close Safepay to save the changes.

UPDATE: Using Bitdefender 2016 on your computer? Follow the below instructions for that.

Disabling Bitdefender Safego

1. Open Bitdefender interface

2. Click on ‘Safepay‘ to launch in the browser

3. While you’re in the Bitdefender SafePay browser, click on hot dogs icon > Settings

4. In General Settings, under ‘when banking or shopping, choose the best option that fits your needs:, choose ‘Do not recommend me to use safepay’.

5. And close the Safepay browser to apply or save the changes.

You can find these instructions, which also turn off Bitdefender 2016’s ransomware protection and Wallet.

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