Pinterest has announced they’ll track you through cookies to suggest boards and pins, you can opt-out of this easily. Like many other sites, to bring personalized experience to their users Pinterest to suggest pins and boards on their site based on user visits to websites having “Pin it button” or “Pinterest widgets”. Tracking is enabled by default and they’re respecting your privacy, they do support Do Not Track and offering options for even non-users to opt-out of this.

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Pinterest says in its blog with introduction of pins and boards suggestion “We’re excited to give everyone a more personalized experience, but we also understand if you’re not interested! We support Do Not Track, and you can change your account settings anytime.”

How to Turn off/ opt-out of Pinterest Personalization or tracking

1.If you’re a Pinterest user, sign into your account with your username and password

2. Click on your name on right and from drop-down select Settings

3. For Personalization setting which allows Pinterest to Personalize your experience based on other sites you visit, click on Yes button to turn it to No.

Pinterest Personalization setting

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Even if you’re not a user of Pinterest, it lets you opt-out of tracking and you need to visit this page and uncheck “allow Pinterest to Personalize my experience using sites I visit” from being tracked out.

What annoys users most is this should’ve been opt-in instead of opt-out.

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Opt-out of Pinterest Personalization through Do Not Track

Pinterest also supports Do No Track, which is the other way you can send DNT signal from DNT supported browsers to inform Pinterest from being tracked. This is one of easiest way than turning off Personalization setting in your account, which ever you choose choice is yours.

Check your browser has Do Not Track turned on or Off