Chrome 29 Beta has been released recently and Opera has released its first Next build based on Chromium 29 . Opera Next 16 has brought jump-lists support on Windows 7/8  and experimental features Opera: flags which you already familiar in Chrome as Chrome://flags.

Other than these, this version got following features

  • support for W3C Geolocation API,
  • form auto-filler,
  • presentation mode is now available also on Mac.

You can find Opera Next 16’s full changelog here.

Download Opera Next 16 for Windows and Mac

They’ve  add new Start Page section in Settings with options “Preload discovered contents” enabled by default, Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware. Opera won’t preload content by default in Off-road mode.

Opera Next 16

Opera Next 16 can be run along with Opera 15 stable. Read: What is Opera Next

As they promised to bring bookmarks functionality back to Opera they’re working on it along with other features like Synchronization (Opera Link), themes and “enhancements in tabs handling (ie pinning and visual tabs)”.

Opera:flags: Opera has placed all the experimental features their team is working on in Opera:flags page. You can try these features and you can reset Opera flags to default by clicking on “Reset all to default” button like in Chrome’s.

Opera flags page

You can download Opera Next 16 from here.