Better Pop-Up Blocker coming to Google Chrome. Though Google Chrome automatically blocks most pop-ups that appear on certain webpages, some JavaScript pop-ups still skip through and appear, which is really annoying, Better pop up blocker extension blocks them to certain extent. Good news for Chrome users is Chromium team is working to improve its pop-up blocking feature, we don’t know whether this blocks JavaScript pop-ups effectively, but according to Chrome evangelist Francoise the pop-ups won’t be loaded at all, they will be blocked.

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At present his feature is behind a command line switch –enable-better-popup-blocking which you need to add to latest Chromium (build) shortcut for testing. Follow the instructions below for that.

1. Download Chromium, right click on its shortcut and select properties

2. In Target field, add “–enable-better-popup-blocking” (without quotes) after chrome.exe.

3. Launch Chromium.