If you’ve installed ESET’s Smarty Security, even the latest v7.0 Beta, and getting “Error communicating with Kernel” dialog on every startup, this article provides the fix for you. If ESET Service, which configured to run at start of Computer fails to start, then you’ll get this kind of message. And Fix is very simple, you need to make sure ESET Service startup type is set to “Automatic” and its status should be showing as “started”.

Fixing ESET Smart Security 2014’s Error Communicating with Kernel Dialog

1. From run command, type “services.msc” to open the Service console

2. Now select  running “ESET Service”,  and double click on it to view its Properties.

3. On the General tab, as said above make sure its startup type is set to “Automatic” and service status here should be reporting as “Started”.  If it is showing the status as “Stopped” as shown in the screenshot below, then click on “Start” button, to fix the problem, if Service doesn’t start, go to step 4.

Error Communicating with Kernel

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a. If you’ve not seen ESET Service in Services console, you need to uninstall ESET and reinstall it.

b. If you’ve already uninstalled ESET and getting this error on startup, then you need to set ESET Service Startup type to Disabled, if you can’t do that go to step 4 for the solution.

ESET Service

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4. If you’re not able to disable or start ESET Service then navigate to “C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Smart Security”, using search box find em001_32.dat file and rename it to em001_32.dat.bak and restart the computer, now the service starts and you can disable service if you want now.

You’ve a possibility to get this when your system is infected, if you’re unsure of your computer regarding virus free or not, I recommend you running a scan for Zero-Access Rootkit with Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit or other free ZAccess rootkit removal tools available on internet.

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