F-Secure has launched beta of Safe Twiit app for Twitter. Safe Twit scans user’s timeline, profile and mentions (after logging in) for malicious links for last 30 tweets and  tells you they’re safe or not.

Since Twitter offers only 140 characters for a single tweet (why?), that’s why links will be shortened when you post, there is always danger with shortened links on twitter, they may lead to malicious or phishing websites that can steal your Twitter credentials or other sensitive information. That’s why you need to be careful before clicking links on Twitter.

F-Secure Safe Twiit

Using Safe Twiit

Visit F-Secure Safe Twiit page, login to Twitter and allow app to access your account, don’t worry! this app can not access your Direct Messages or see your password. After giving the permission, it retrieves last 30 tweets from your timeline and scans them and then shows the result.

F-Secure Safe Twiit

Once the scan completes and all is well with links then click on “Logout” button.

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You can always revoke access to Safe Twiit App from Applications Tab of your Settings page.