Bitdefender offers Search Advisor, security feature which scans the links for search results displayed on major Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and for Twitter and shows links you about to click in your browser are safe or not with red or green icon. On Mouse hover the icon, it tells the page is safe to visit or not. Search advisor feature is available for Bitdefender’s Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security products. One downside of the Search Advisor is on the search results pages its spinning icons always loads slowly, makes you annoy.

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But, if you’re already using Web Of Trust for browsers, then you don’t need this feature and you can disable it without any difficulty and here is how to do it in recently released Bitdefender Internet Security 2014.

Bitdefender Search Advisor safety rating icon

Turning off Search Advisor In Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

1. Right click on Bitdefender’s system tray icon and choose “Show” to view its interface.

2. Settings>Privacy Control, In Privacy Control Settings dialog window on “Antiphishing” tab

3.  Click on “ON” button opposite to Search Advisor to turn it “OFF”.

Search Advisor

4. Restart all the browsers and you can check any search results page for confirmation of disabled Search Advisor feature.