There are no extra benefits of downloading and installing Firefox with stub installer, better switch to Offline Installer if you don’t like it.

Mozilla by default offers Stub installer for Release, Beta, Developer and Nightly channels. So when you download Firefox from their website, a small sized setup file will be downloaded to your computer with the file name as Firefox setup stub.exe.

Wondering why Mozilla has replaced their full installer for Firefox with small or stub installer, they’ve decided this long time ago.

One advantage with the web/online installer is, users always downloads the latest version.

Firefox stub installer experience:

Installing Firefox online may be difficult on low internet connection, that’s why you want an offline installer for that. Let us take a look at how to download and install Firefox online anyway with the stub installer.

Download and run it. Now click on the Install button, where Firefox will be downloaded from Mozilla servers, once the download completes, Firefox will be installed.

Do note the streamlined Firefox stub installer no longer offers options to choose the installation directory, architecture, etc. To get advanced install options, you need to use Full offline installer.

Where to download Official Firefox Offline installer for latest version

1. Visit, where Firefox is available in more than 70 languages for Windows, Mac and Linux.

2. Select your language and country, for example, most download ‘English -United States select English (US)’ version.

3 . Click on “Download” button for Windows/Linux/ Mac platform.

How to download Offline installers for Firefox Nightly, Beta and Developer channels

Firefox Nightly Offline installer link :

Firefox developer offline installer link:

Firefox beta offline installer link :