Google today has released stable version 28 for Windows (Mac is coming)  with “Richer Notifications” feature for Windows, Mac is coming. This release includes fixes to critical security bugs. FYI, Google Chrome 28 is the first stable version to use Blink engine, if you don’t know Chrome team has decided not to use Apple’s Webkit and switched to their new engine Blink, which is also fork of Webkit. Blink has already landed on Chrome beta, dev. and canary and Chromium channels, with stable release switching is completed now.

Chrome with Richer notifications feature allows apps and extensions to shows notifications outside browser window with revamped user interface. 

Chrome 28 final released with richer notifications

We can no longer disable new menu styles in Chrome 28 stable

Stable version has richer notifications, you can notice white painted Chrome menus (settings menu and context menu). If you don’t like them, there is no way to disable them as the workaround we mentioned to disable them using flag “ disable-new-menu-style” is no longer working. Google forced these menus on us, instead of suing Google better get used to them.

Chrome 28 not released with Flash Player 11.8 update

Yesterday Adobe has released Flash Player 11.8, seems Google rushed release of Chrome stable. Anyway Chrome team has realized that later and promised to update stable to Flash Player 11.8.800.97 via their component updater.

To see Flash Player plugin version Chrome is using type Chrome://plugins in omnibox and press enter and click to expand + button before “Details” to view more information about Flash Player plugin and other plugins.