Opera To bring bookmarks back to Its Chromium based browser after criticism from users as they not felt Stash and speed dials as bookmarking replacements in Opera 15. Here is good news for anguished Opera fans over the non-existent Bookmarks functionality in Opera 15, its coming back. When Opera 15 was released, bookmark functionality has been replaced with Speed Dials and to certain extent Opera wants you to use “Stash” for that purpose also.

Opera is hearing feedback from users and they’re on it and they’ve prioritized things to work on and bookmarking functionality is first in list.

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Krystian Kolondra in Opera blog Said “But we understand that removing bookmarks entirely for the people who actively use them is a big change, so we are going to build bookmarking functionality as a priority.”

“I can’t give you a date, and it won’t be a clone of Opera 12, but I wanted to tell you that we are listening to you, and that I realize that not having bookmarks as people are used to makes it harder to switch to Opera, whether you are coming from Opera 12, or from any other browser. “ he added.

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Opera 16 is coming to Next channel

Opera 16 Next will soon be available. You can download it from here when available.