Security vendor Bitdefender has released free version of Safepay, integral part of its Internet Security Suit 2014 as standalone Desktop app for Windows and is available for download. If you ask what’s the catch in this for Bitdefender? all much useful Wi-Fi Hotspot Protection feature which protects users’ activities on Wi-Fi connections from hackers is not free, it is tied to premium version.

What is Bitdefender Safepay?

“Safepay shields e-shopping and online banking transactions from any spying, detects and blocks ID theft, prevents hostile screenshots of data, bars criminals from tracking keystrokes, detects fraudulent web sites and scans web traffic to foil stealth attacks before they even reach the browser.”

 Bitdefender Safepay desktop app functionality which protects your banking and shopping transactions online in its virtual environment, is same as in Bitdefender Internet Security 2014.

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How Bitdefender Safepay is different from other Security products?

  • Unlike to other products which offers protection through add-ons, Safepay is it self a browser and doesn’t allow install of any add-ons or extensions.
  • All the site URLs you type and visit will be scanned in cloud using Bitdefender malware and phishing protection.
  • Safepay protects you against websites related to malware, phishing, spam, Fraud and untrusted.

Installing and using Safepay

After installing the program, you need to activate the Safepay free version by creating an account in MyBitdefender,  which is easy. After logging into your Bitdefender account, it enters you into Safepay protected environment -secure Desktop mode (full screen) -and scans your system for malware (this will be done for every session), to make sure session you entered is malware free.

You can switch between desktop and Safepay protected environments (Secure desktop) easily by clicking on icons on left/right corners of the screen.

While it may be a joke for Bitdefender to call its Safepay desktop app as secure hacker-proof browser, but free version is useful enough for you to visit banking and shopping sites with confidence. 

Bitdefender Safepay app works with any other antivirus except of Bitdefender’s. You can download this app from here by clicking on “Get the Free version” button.