Adblock Plus extension trying to go beyond blocking ads by offering users more options on its first run page and on its home page like disabling tracking, malware domains and social media buttons. There is lot of controversy recently over popular Adblock Plus extension for browsers where Google has paid some money to whitelist their ads, keep this aside, redesigned first run page of Adblock Plus extension updated for Chrome, and Firefox browsers now allowing users to block malware sites and disable tracking from ad companies.

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And this extension is allowing to block social media buttons placed on websites from tracking you. Enabling these features seems easier from its first run page than from Adblock Plus features page.

Enabling Malware blocking, Remove Social Media Buttons and Disable Tracking for Adblock Plus

If you’re already installed Adblock Plus in Google Chrome and Firefox, to get its first Run page you don’t need to reinstall extension in these two browsers, instead visit ABP First run page in Firefox and Chrome and enable the features one by one.

Adblock Plus New Features (optional)

Adblock Plus Redesigned First Run page

Malware Blocking: Block domains that are known to be infected by malware to make browsing the internet more secure.
Remove Social Media Buttons : Remove social media integration such as the Facebook Like button that track your browsing habits.
Disable Tracking There are hundreds of ad companies tracking your every move, but you can easily disable all tracking to browse privately.

We don’t how effective malware blocking and disable tracking features once you turned on, but we can confirm “Remove social Media buttons” is working as it blocked all social sharing buttons on my website after turning on.

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You can visit Adblock Plus features page for more details and turn on feature you want, but we found that process bit difficult.