After discontinuing Mail Classic, Yahoo is working to improve its Mail service. To the latest, Yahoo has made it easy for their Mail users to scroll through hundreds of messages at once. “Beginning today, you can effortlessly navigate your Yahoo! Mail inbox by scrolling through hundreds of messages at a time” said Ankit Shaw, Senior Software Engineer for Yahoo Mail.

And to reach top of message list quickly, they’ve added upward gray arrow button on lower-right corner. This arrow follows you as you scroll downwards. If you’re using Preview Pane, Yahoo mail now offers the option to see it it on right side of inbox. Till now when you enable Preview Pane from “Actions” menu it appears on bottom, now you’ve the option to view it on side as well.

Yahoo Mail quick scrolling, top arrow

Want to see the first email you’ve received? use “sort by date” menu on top. You can toggle this to view oldest or latest message.