Generally, there is only one user uses Google Chrome on the computer, (that’s you, with the user name “First user”) unless you add few users. What if your relatives or family members or friends want to access the same Chrome browser instance from same system?. Since Google Chrome allows to create multiple user accounts for a single of its browser instance, you can add more than one user.

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To add a new profile or create new user for Google Chrome

  • From Chrome menu, select Settings
  • Scroll down a bit to “Users” section and click on “Add New user”

Hereafter choosing the picture and typing the name, when you click “create” button, a new user profile will be created, which also adds a shortcut for desktop automatically.

Google Chrome create user dialog

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If you don’t want desktop shortcuts for these users to be created or added on the desktop, then while creating those accounts make sure to uncheck “create a desktop shortcut for this user” on “create a user” dialog box.