Recently, we’ve covered Dropbox has made experimental build available for Windows and Mac with features like saving screenshots to Dropbox, move to Dropbox and other features. The most useful future Dropboxers find will be Saving screenshots. Let us take a look at this feature on Windows.

First of all, to try this feature, you need to be using latest experimental build of Dropbox.

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“Save Screenshots to Dropbox” feature is enabled by default in this build. You can find it enabled on Import tab in Dropbox Preferences dialog, make sure ”Share Screenshots using Dropbox” is ticked in there.

Dropbox Preferences Import tab

Screenshots capturing shortcut confusion on Windows: If you’ve assigned PrintScreen shortcut on Windows to program like SnagIt, then you should know “Alt+ Print Screen” Screenshot will work just fine for you.

To save your first screenshot to Dropbox: Use Alt + Print Screen shortcut to capture the screen and when “share your screenshots using Dropbox” dialog appears on screen, click on “Save screenshots to Dropbox”- this dialog will not appear from next screenshot, but for every screenshot you take a notification will appear in system tray with message “ A screenshot was added to your Dropbox folder”.

save screenshots to dropbox button

Or similarly Dropbox offers another shortcut “Ctrl + Print Screen” to take a screenshot and copies link to clipboard for sharing.

Where are screenshots saved to Dropbox?: You can find these captured screenshots in “Screenshots” folder of Dropbox’s.

Dropbox Screenshots folder windows