Security vendor Symantec has released public betas for Norton 2014 Products- Norton Internet Security 21, Norton Antivirus 21 and Norton 360 21- and they’re available for download from Norton Beta site. These products will be compatible with Windows 8.1 Update, which to be available for Windows 8 users in Windows Store from June 26th onwards. You may consider trying ESET 7 betas or Kaspersky 2014 RC from below links.

Symantec has said”the betas are engineered for outstanding protection, performance and the best possible user experience”.

Key improvements included in these products are :

* Stronger Protection – Improved effectiveness of reputation-based (Norton Insight) and behavioral-based (SONAR) protection engines keep consumers safe from evolving threats
* Improved Performance – Lower memory usage and improved file copy speeds make performance even faster and lighter
* Enhanced Norton Identity Safe Experience – Increased stability, improved form-filling and an easy-to-access vault search in order to find favorite saved sites deliver a seamless user experience. Also includes better cross-platform functionality for users with mobile devices.

Norton Internet Security 21 beta screenshot

You can download Beta after registering with your email address, where activation key will be send to same email address you’ve entered.

Why 21? it should have been 2014 ?

Symantec has decided to call them with version number instead by Year, that’s why their IS and  Antivirus are named as NIS 21 and NAV 21, and this version numbering process continues from now on.