Kaspersky 2014 products for Internet Security and Antivirus now out of Technical Preview or Beta stage and entered Release Candidate (RC) state. RC builds for KIS 2014 and KAV 2014 are now available for download for testing purposes. Though Kaspersky hasn’t reported new features added to these RCs, but they’d already announced new features in their 2014 products when beta testing has began, where GUI not finalized then.

What’s new in Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 & Kaspersky Antivirus 2014

  • Optimization of the user interface, settings, etc.
  • Touch screen support.
  • More banks and web stores support.
  • The ability to select the browser When working with Safe Money.
  • Connected Standby Technology Support.
  • Reduced computer resources usage. 

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 screenshot

New features of KIS 2014 according to its help file

  • To increase security of applications, Trusted Applications mode has been added. When Trusted Applications mode is enabled, Kaspersky Internet Security automatically detects secure applications and allows running secure applications only.
  • The functionality of Safe Money has been improved. You can now select a web browser to open websites of banks or payment systems. The list of popular websites for financial operations with automatic enabling of the Safe Money mode has also been added.
  • The functionality of Parental Control has been improved: the option of setting up permissions to run games and applications has been added. The preset templates of Parental Control settings that are appropriate to the age of controlled users have been added.
  • It is now easier to set up Kaspersky Internet Security. Now only frequently used application settings are available for setup.
  • The latest versions of popular web browsers are now supported: protection components (e.g., Kaspersky URL Advisor, Safe Money) support Mozilla™ Firefox™ 16.x, 17.x, 18.x, and 19.x; Internet Explorer® 8, 9, and 10; and Google Chrome™ 22.x, 23.x, 24.x, 25.x, and 26.x.
  • Protection against screen lockers has been added. You can unlock the screen using the specified key shortcut. Protection against screen lockers detects and eliminates the threat.
  • Protection against phishing is now more efficient: Anti-Phishing functionality has been improved and updated.
  • Application performance has been improved and computer resource consumption has been optimized.
  • The mode of limited activity when the computer is idle has been added. Now, when the computer is idle, Kaspersky Internet Security is less resource-intensive that allows saving power consumption while running on battery power.
  • Less time is required to start the application.
  • Application GUI performance has been improved, and the response time to user actions has been reduced.
  • Application reporting has been improved. Now reports are simpler and more obvious.
    The option of participating in the Protect a Friend program has been added. You can now share a link to Kaspersky Internet Security with friends and receive bonus activation codes.