Winamp by Nullsoft, once upon a time popularly known as Audio Player now available as multi-format media player for Windows and Android platforms. Winamp’s latest version 5.64 has been released for Windows with addition of “Safe Mode” option and Microsoft new operating system, Windows 8 support.

Running Winamp in Safe mode on Windows

If you face any issues with plugins installed in Winamp, to troubleshoot these issues Nullsoft has added ‘Safe Mode’ option which allows user to start Winamp without any plugins. You can find this option in Winamp interface Options>Preferences (Ctrl+P) >Plugins.

Winamp’s Safe Mode prevents the loading of 3rd party plug-ins including all detected visualization and DSP plug-ins as well as Language packs.

To run Winamp in Safe Mode, you need to click on ‘Restart in Safe Mode’ button on right-side of Plugins in Preferences dialog window (check the screenshot below).

Winamp restart in Safe Mode button

To restart Winamp in Full Mode when running in Safe Mode, you need to click on ‘Restart in Full Mode’ button (that appears on right side in Preferences dialog when Plugins is selected).

Caution: make sure to skip ‘registry reviver’ install during setup.