Everything, Desktop search program for Windows that quickly indexes files in your hard drive and easily locates and shows files and folder names from its search function has got Beta version released. This beta has added 64-bit Windows support, still no support for Microsoft new Operating System, Windows 8 yet.

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Everything Beta has added recent changes, run history, everything website home page and support for 64-bit build. This beta has also fixed a crash that occurs when deleting or renaming folder with short file name.

New features in Everything Beta

  • Search Syntax
  • ETP/FTP Server
  • HTTP Server
  • Folder Indexing for indexing network shares and FAT32 volumes
  • Search History
  • Everything Service for running Everything with a normal user account
  • EFU File Lists for indexing USB drives, network shares, DVDRoms etc..

Everything works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

With support for 64-bit you can  now download Everything for 32-bit and 64-bit. Portable version is also available separately for 32 & 64 bits from website.

Do uninstall X86 version of program before installing x64 on your computer.

Source: Everything forum