Opera desktop team has released yet another new build with addition of Auto-update feature. If you’re using Opera Next, you might have already on 15.0.1147. 56 version. If you’re not, its just a matter of time with Opera_auto update.exe process picking the update and installing it similar to Google update.exe.

This build along with Auto-update brings following improvements.

  • Faster loading of Speed Dials
  • More sensitive mouse gestures
  • Safe saving of favorites on exit (Speed Dials, Stashes)
  • Proxy aware auto-updating

Fix Opera 12 Profile importing problems in Opera Next

Last time Opera Next build allowed Opera 12 user profile migration, if you still have problems with importing Opera 12 profile into Opera Next 15, Opera offers another solution here.

  • Visit Opera: about in browser
  • Note down Opera Next path, close Opera Next.
  • Delete the profile folder and run Opera Next again.

Read How to Reset Opera Settings to defaults.

And finally to check Opera version you’re using, from Opera menu select “About Opera”. You can download latest Opera Next for Windows and Mac from Opera Desktop team blog.