Firefox interface for Windows, Mac and Linux is going to change completely with Australis, you can see this in action if interested, by installing latest Nightly UX build. It may take a while for you to get used to the interface, I recommend you to start using now (warning: highly unstable and will soon be available with Firefox 25 nightly build) as you can get accustomed and feel at home Once Mozilla offers it with Firefox 25 release, later this year.

Till now to check updates for Firefox from Firefox button>Help sub menu we used to select “About Firefox” that’s changed now, Mozilla has ditched Firefox menu button on left and moved new menu to right-side and offered it under Hot dogs icon.

To check for updates for Firefox with Australis interface

  • Click on Hotdog icon>Help>from popup menu select “About UX”.

Firefox Australia menu from hotdogs icon

You can able to select Health Report and Troubleshooting Information from this Popup menu as well. You can add more items to Menu and toolbar by clicking on “Customize” button.