Bing Desktop App that shows daily image featured on Bing Homepage  and lets you search web from desktop has got an update-new features -Inline Search, weather app, Facebook notifications, News at glance and trending topics- have been added. If you already’ve Bing Desktop app installed you’ll be notified about new update in few days or you can download its latest version from Bing Desktop download page.

Bing Desktop’s Inline Search feature: Bing wants to extend its web search into desktop applications as well with Inline Search. To search from desktop applications like Word or PDF you need to highlight word or phrase and click on Bing Search icon, where search results will be shown in default browser.

Inline Search feature this avoids copy and paste process of selected text in browser. Inline Search for Bing Desktop is not enabled by default, you can, from settings>Turn on inline Search.

Bing Desktop with inline Search

Inline Search feature works for Microsoft Word 2007, 201 and 2013, Notepad, WordPad, Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8, 9,10 and Firefox, Chrome and Adobe Reader XI.

Bing Destkop

Bing desktop offers new weather app, that shows real-time weather snapshot customized to your city. Click the weather icon on toolbar to view it. You can add your location manually, if not detected and displayed by default.

With updated Facebook app,”you will now see a notification appear whenever there is an update for you to check out”

“With the updates to the news app, you can stay up to date on news across categories with a glance. We’ve added a new cascading layout that lets you see images and text summaries so you can keep up on the news you’re interested in. We’ve also added a visual collection of the top trending items on the Web so you can keep your finger on what’s happening in a gorgeous waterfall layout.” said Bing desktop team.