Are you encountering Black screen with Avast on Windows 8 machine?, here is the manual fix until Avast finds the solution. In the past, we’ve covered fix to BSOD issue with Avast on Windows 8, now recently some users reported they’re seeing black screen after login with mouse pointer appearing on screen after installing/updating Avast 8, here Windows Explorer fails to start.

User here, can’t do much than shutting down or restarting system by pressing power/restart button on CPU or has to restart Windows Explorer after opening Task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Del shortcut.

Fixing Avast Black screen/blank screen on Windows 8 startup

If your Win8 system is not running properly with Avast installed and you’re experiencing blank screen issue.

1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc shortcut,

2. Now open Avast UI from Task Manager, from File>New Task>type Avastui.exe.

3. When Avast user interface appears on screen, from Security tab select Behavior Shield>Settings

4. Once Behavior Shield Settings dialog appears, select “Trusted Processes” on left

5. Add below two paths for Windows Explorer and immersive control Panel system settings one by one manually. After that click “OK” to  save changes to Avast.

Avast Behavior Shield Settings

Here first path we’ve added for Windows Explorer fixes the Black screen issue and loads Explorer on startup after login.

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And Second path’s addition allows to open “Change PC Settings.

If you’re not able to open Task Manager after login, try to boot into Safe mode using Shift+F8 shortcut and follow above steps from 2 to 5.