Finally its happening, popular Adblock Plus till now available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers on desktop to available in future for Internet Explorer browser also. At present, development build for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Adblock Plus for IE is now available for testing. Final release date is not yet known as there some issues to be fixed by developer before the release.

Below are those know issues in Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

  • Both the x86 and the x64 version should be combined into a single installer
  • It needs to be translated into other languages (only English for now)
  • Updates shouldn’t require a Windows restart
  • We need to stop the engine process when IE is closed

After installing Adblock Plus for IE, as usual you can open Internet Explorer and open ABP options by clicking on its icon in status bar of IE, located at the bottom of window and you can choose and add filter lists like you used to do for Firefox and Chrome browsers, if you’re an Adblock Plus user.

Adblock Plus options Internet Explorer

You can also disable ad blocking for some websites from its options page by adding them one by one.

If you’re already using Avast you can install Ad blocker for IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers, which is powered by Adblock Plus and  should be same as this one.

Update: ABP for IE to work with IE10 on desktop in Windows 8 (not in metro mode and not when Enhanced protected Mode is turned on. You can find more information on upcoming Adblock Plus for IE from developer here in his blog post.