How to access Yahoo mail classic or old version as it being discontinued. As Yahoo announced in this year April, they’re closing Yahoo Mail Classic version and other products like Upcoming, Deals, SMS Alerts on June 3rd. There is no other way for you but to upgrade to new Yahoo mail. Wait! do you know? its still possible to access old version Of Yahoo Mail or Classic without need to disable JavaScript or change screen resolution- these tricks not working at present though.

All you need to do is visit this link in your browser, bookmark it. And sign into it whenever you want to access old Yahoo mail and you can always switch to new version whenever you want by using link provided on top (check the screenshot below) or Yahoo mail you’ll access from homepage will always load the new version.

Yahoo Mail Classic

Tip: When you’ve upgraded to new mail, you’re automatically given your consent for Yahoo to scan your mail contents and display relevant ads which Gmail already does, you can opt-out of  internet-based and contextual based advertising by clicking opt-out button in Yahoo Ad Interest Manager page.