If you, your family members, or relatives still not able to understand and work on Windows 8, Microsoft has released End User Training Brochure for Windows 8 PDF file containing 36 Pages which lets you “learn how to get around, navigate mange apps and personalize in Windows 8.”

Windows 8 operating system primarily aimed and designed for touch devices but you can still install and use on desktop computers. But its not apt for desktops that’s where Windows 8 failed IMO. There other reasons where users not able to adopt start screen, modern UI. These are there to stay, possibly Microsoft might add Start button with next update for Windows 8 called as Blue.

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Windows 8 End User Training Brochure PDF

So there is no other way but to get used to new technology and features that’s where Windows 8 training brochure can help.

This PDF explains about using charms bar, corners, start screen, switching between apps, File Explorer aka Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer 10, Flip Ahead feature, Bit locker Protection, lock screen, creating multiple user accounts and keyboard shortcuts etc. You can download and read this PDF file and understand how to use Windows 8.

Download Windows 8 End User Training Brochure PDF [5.8 MB].