You may not know this. Piriform actually offers two installable versions for CCleaner: one is Standard and other is Slim. CCleaner Standard version is offered with (Google) toolbar which you can opt-out and Slim is offered without toolbar.

FYI, CCleaner Slim will be available exactly one week after standard release and is aimed for system administrators and advanced users, where slim build not intended for  distribution or mirroring.

Are you surprised to know CCleaner includes toolbar in their setup? Haven’t you came across Google toolbar recently? You won’t be in future because of the following possible reasons.

  • You’ve not reinstalled Windows since longtime.
  • You’ve not installed CCleaner cleanly, i.e. you’ve upgraded to latest version whenever new version becomes available
  • CCleaner sets the option in registry for user to not to show toolbar option for a specified time in the setup once the user unchecks it.
  • Internet Explorer is not the default browser on your computer.

To reproduce it,

  • Uninstall CCleaner completely using Revo Uninstaller by selecting Advanced option.
  • Set Internet Explorer as default browser and run the setup, this time you can see CCleaner standard installer offering Google Toolbar (check the screenshot below).
  • As I mentioned above if you uncheck Google Toolbar during the install, then this toolbar won’t be offered next time during the upgrade as CCleaner records these changes in registry.