We’ve already covered how to Uninstall IE10 in Windows 7 that gets back IE8/9 and in Windows 8, if you don’t like Internet Explorer 10 for the reasons like offering two versions: desktop and metro or modern UI or lack of Flash support (only few Microsoft approved websites display flash in IE10), you can easily uninstall it and Windows 8 lets you reinstall it if you want at any time.

How to Turn on Flash for Websites in IE10 Metro on Windows 8 & RT

Though its possible to uninstall poor IE6 in Windows XP you shouldn’t do that, case not the same here in Windows 8 now lot has changed browsers like Firefox, Chrome competing to offer new features by supporting new web technologies. This could be another reason to ditch IE10 in Windows 8. 

Uninstalling IE10 in Windows 8

1. Open Control Panel on desktop>Programs>Programs and Features

2. Click on  Turn Windows features on or off

3. Select Internet Explorer 10 and uncheck it and click OK.

windows features

4. Click Yes to warning if any displayed on screen. Windows makes necessary changes and asks to restart your computer, restart it when it prompted.

5. That’s it!, IE10 has ben uninstalled from your computer.

Reinstalling IE10 in Windows 8

To reinstall it you need follow steps 1 to 2 and select Internet Explorer 10, and click Yes to warning shown on screen. Restart your computer.

We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled IE10 successfully using above steps  in Windows 8.