Google Chrome browser already supports to show notifications outside the browser window, they’re are called desktop notifications. Today Google has enabled Chrome beta channel to display richer notifications for apps and extensions.

Google says “We’ve designed these notifications to be beautiful, useful and engaging. They can display formatted text and images, and can include actions directly inside the pop-up (so you can respond to that email right away).”. Rich notifications available for testing on Chrome beta for Windows and and support for Mac is coming soon.

Add Desktop Notifications to Firefox with HTML Desktop Notifications Add-on

Have you missed some notifications? Don’t worry! you can see them by opening Chrome Notification Center through notification icon in system tray.

Chrome rich notification on windows

Enabling Rich Notifications in stable build

You can enable rich notifications in Chrome stable channel by visiting Chrome://flags page and click on “Enable” link for “Enable Rich Notifications” flag.

Restart browser for the changes to take effect.

Disabling all Rich Notifications at once in Chrome beta or stable channel

1. Visit Chrome://flags in browser

2.  On stable version you need to click on “Disable” link for Rich Notifications flag, for the same flag on beta you need to choose disabled.

3. Scroll down to bottom and click on Relaunch now button.

Reset All Chrome Flags to their defaults.

Or you can click on Chrome notifications icon in system tray, click on Settings and  uncheck permissions granted for apps like Gmail and Google Drive and extensions shown.

manage rich notification permissions for apps and extensions